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Providing The Original Celebrity Red-Carpet Portrait Experience.

Family is the Source

In a world where the pace of life never seems to slow down, it's important to take a moment to celebrate what truly matters - family. Your family is not just special; it's a source of love, joy, and endless memories.

The Gift of Experience

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We are giving you a gift that goes beyond material possessions, something that captures the essence of your family's uniqueness and will be cherished for generations - The Original Celebrity Red-Carpet Portrait Experience.

meet rebecca rose

I am a portrait artist, entrepreneur, and designer. I am passionate about telling your unique story and creating tangible portraits that are emotional, traditional, and ultimately beautiful. I look forward to creating timeless beauty that you'll admire over and over again and I want to give you these to be passed down, as a treasure, for your family to enjoy for generations. I am not a typical photographer, there are thousands of typical photographers. My portraits render like a hand painting which makes them timeless. I do not specialize in digitals but in tangible art work.



Maitland, FL

Colchester, CT

Happy Clients

Quotation Mark

Thank you for an amazing experience! Gorgeous studio, great stuff and absolutely professional photographers!

Saida M.

Quotation Mark

The work here is stunning. Rebecca is a true artist and lovely person all around. What a wonderful experience!

Jodi J.

Quotation Mark

Rebecca is professional and a pleasure to work with. The finished product is much better than the high standard, high class I was expecting.

Aaron V.

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Meet The Olsens

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Scandinavian Farmhouse Style Living Room Interior
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Black picture frame hanging on a white wall